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Did the artwork for the new Whirr - Part Time Punks Sessions digital/cassette release.

Cassette is limited to 200, hand numbered and pressed on a BLUE cassette. All proceeds go toward getting our tour van, Big Blue’s engine replaced, so that we can continue touring the planet. Please check out one of the links below, name your own price for the digital download! Put $0.00 if you want, but know that every penny is going towards keeping us on the road and in your faces. The cassette is only $6, and there is only 200 of them. Get em while they hot!!

Whirr - Part Time Punks Sessions
4 live songs, 1 new demo track

streaming/digital download: http://whirrband.bandcamp.com

200 LTD Cassette Release: http://tigersanddaggers.bigcartel.com

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